Muhammad, Raheem. “Oh, Say Can You See!?”: Secrets Kindle. Kindle Edition.

Truth To Power

Whoever’s wrong will in no way harm the other,

Just ourselves upon our return to The Creator.

Signs of what and how exemplified by Prophets,

Changed by the Kufar with the intent to stop this.

Are you one of them, or at the end, who are you?

Reflection of your beliefs, even if they’re not true?

Examples of The Way, is as: the Protectors of slaves,

Refuge of all orphans, then, & till the very last days.

Emancipators of Women, Reformers, Businessmen,

Serving others, true art in government, Statesmen.

To Mimic, copy, reproduce and live the Revelation,

Get the right confirmation by reading The Criterion.

This is the way of life, it is our religion, it is the Deen,

The straight path, the one and only, no in-betweens.

Your way is yours; I commend you on your journey,

But don’t hate me, because yours messed up His-story.

“Study to show thyself approved” leads to the truth,

”Faith without works” is like thoughtlessness, no proof.

Then there are those who invoked and now they lie,

Israeli of the twelve tribes? What about the Israelite?

Believers wake up! Muslim Sun-rising, almost high-noon,

If that’s not you, from me; Qul yaaa-ayyuhal kaafiroon.



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