Muhammad, Raheem. “Oh, Say Can You See!?”: Secrets Kindle. Kindle Edition.

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“Oh, say can you see!?” the victims,
Murdered in the name of “their” G-d?
In whom did they trust killing them?
Will you ignore what they did by fraud?
In the land of the free I’m made,
To be against all that they stand for;
The glory and the glimmer will soon fade,
And judgment will come to this whore.
The blood of my ancestors I bleed,
For “they” were the slaves of this worm.
My breath I breathe out of weed,
To witness the end of her term:
Taking a stand for the righteous,
And all those filled with fear,
Being afraid that they will kill us,
The cowards, who won’t speak, see or hear.
I am he who confirms every message,
Who knows what has been revealed,
The witness to how twisted “their” knowledge,
Originally straightened, in a book that’s sealed.
The judgment has now come to this trial;
Now is the very time for its fullness,
For all who drank from her vial,
To this, I am he: the witness.



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