Muhammad, Raheem. “Oh, Say Can You See!?”: Secrets Kindle. Kindle Edition.

The calm before the storm
Is the tranquility in the air,
The passing seasons, mostly warm,
Violent times when no one cares.
Unnatural things taking over,
Homosexuals are reproducing.
Fruitful was the born order,
Multiplying faster than adding.
You’d think natural was HIV,
And sodomy is not iniquity.
But if you master the ABCs,
You’d see the sign in Lot’s story;
Sodom, and yes, Gomorrah,
Egypt of Moses’ time,
Mystery Babylon of America,
Her judgment is not denied.
So much blood, too much;
Where in it do you stand?
What part have you touched?
Pledging allegiance to her land?
Well, the party is now over,
Prophecy is being fulfilled.
All guilty shall not be sober;
They will drink of death’s still.
But it will not happen instantly;
It will stir round and round,
Build up from calm’s mystery,
And start from holy ground.
Weather is just one factor,
Nature, all with no rest,
The wrath of the Creator,
His mercy: just before the tempest.



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