Muhammad, Raheem. “Oh, Say Can You See!?”: Secrets Kindle. Kindle Edition.

Absolutely the utmost wicked system of Satan
Sly like A Fox News in order to sow dissension
Pouring gasoline on stories turned into fables
Controlling your thoughts only because he’s unable
You watch and eat it all up as if it’s nourishment
Listening to the wicked tools of their government
Twisted: “Man shall not live off bread alone…”
But CNN’s subliminal brand new way of praying
“but on every word…” no, religion is overthrown
That feeds the news of ABC, I’m just saying…
This and that about everything we don’t care
They can even tell you what is, and isn’t fair
“You’re paranoid, and slavery don’t matter now”
Nor do a cop, when he kills one, it is also allowed
As long as they get killed never to rise up
NBC, BBC, like mathematics what the f-ck?
They protect all except the Black on Black crimes
Media coverage one of the signs of the Time
Spread sin by any means necessary does the devil
He whispers and you listen, proof is in the details
Here’s an example of our propaganda tools
How it’s progressed and made a race into fools
Women dress like the prostitutes of years past
Revealing all private parts, prints and yes, ass
If a celebrity decides to pull his pants down
The once King now sags, and the world frowns
He becomes the backwards dupe in the encyclopedia
Shaped and molded, by: The News and Media



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