Muhammad, Raheem. “Oh, Say Can You See!?”: Secrets Kindle. Kindle Edition.

There is one who is your open enemy;
Satan is this man of perdition.
No secret, he lets you feel his envy
And is jealous of your situation,
Placed all obstacles in front to hinder;
He think he’s better and of supreme,
Will outright kill you, beat you tender,
Even made some of you join his team.
These are the ones I want to talk about,
The mutha-f-ckin Uncle Toms and aunts.
All of the bastard niggas that sold us out,
In the yard, field, but mostly in the house.
Funny…when the time comes, we gonna hunt,
That ass down, squish you like a mouse.
You dun gave up, gave all, gave us over,
Tryin to be like, do like, look like dem,.
Knowing that to do this, there’s no more sober
Still, you don’t give a f-ck, you just want the gem.
Tellin’ on us, you even help them lock us up,
Help divide and conquer us, is that it?
You see, Jesus submitted and drank from his cup,
But you sold out, you stupid piece of sh-t.




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