Muhammad, Raheem. “Oh, Say Can You See!?”: Secrets Kindle. Kindle Edition.

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Many things are similar, and the answers lie in between,

The seams of the visions, the imaginations, the dreams,

The holographic realization of these life-and-death schemes.

In life through nature and all that you see and hear,

Smell; taste as well as touch, like rain crystal-clear,

Metaphors, allegories, even parables reveal the deer from the dear.

From Genesis to Revelation we’re shown so many times,

Over and over, His laws, wisdom, mercy, yes; His mind,

Again and again, His plan, how to seek it, how to find.

Trials and tribulations in succession and often repeated

Is what we experience and is surely what’s needed

To purify our thoughts, our actions, and our speeches.

Day after day, months and years…still you, your same mood,

Not trying to understand what Allah (G-d) wants for you to do;

Stop the madness, wake up from this vanity of hate, this feud,

And see how all of these revelations came in similitudes.

Muhammad, Raheem. Truth Is In The Art . Kindle. Kindle Edition.



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