Muhammad, Raheem. “Oh, Say Can You See!?”: Secrets Kindle. Kindle Edition.

The prophets were the same,
Though you don’t know all by Their name.
From Genesis past the Revelation,
Quite simple was the invitation:
Worship Me and Me alone
The only way to make it home.
Adam, the first of mankind,
One commandment from the Most High.
Though he failed in this deal
He submitted to Allah’s will.
In the beginning is how it was,
Very simple with no applause.
No sons, or partner of any kind,
And no idols; don’t be blind.
In the end is how it will be.
No other god can hear, speak, or see.
Noah, in his time, all was lost,
Except for those who boarded the ark.
Then was our father Abraham,
Founder of faith, all else damned.
He worshipped Allah and Allah alone;
For this he was exiled from home.
Isaac and his brother Ishmael,
Twelve princes and tribes of Israel.
Worship Me and Me alone
Was the only way, the only tone.
Propagated by Hud, Jacob, Elisha, Jonah,
Idris, Elias, Dhul-Kifl, and Joseph.
Aaron, Saleh, Shuaib, Lot, John—
All are Muslim, their faith Islam.
Job worshipped one; no trinity
In the Psalms, David most surely.
One Allah, no crosses or statues
Solomon also a prophet who knew.
Don’t forget about Zachariah
Before we sum it up with the Messiah.
The One God Jesus never denied;
If he did, he’d have to hide.
He never changed what was sent
And did nothing without Allah’s consent.
Muhammad the Comforter and very last,
The only prophet in Moses’ class—
G-d said like Moses he would be
In the same two ways identically—
Nothing different no one greater
You can’t dispute, don’t be a hater.
None of them were Christians or Jews;
All submitted after hearing the news.
None of them claimed to be the Creator
Only of Him, they were prophets and messengers.



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