Muhammad, Raheem. “Oh, Say Can You See!?”: Secrets Kindle. Kindle Edition.

Everything is Muslim, even the man that will not submit,

The death, murder, and mayhem are the balance to the scale.

This trial that you endure, is to see if you’re going to quit,

If you’re going to run, hide, and put everything up for sale.

You might as well, fighting oppressions for the true follower,

Seeking justice and freeing slaves, correct me if I’m wrong,

Fooling yourself, actions show that you’re a just a deceiver,

“Faith without works is dead” how about yours, is it strong?

Willingly or unwillingly, death in the end is submission,

“To: The Believers” is what sets you apart from the Muslim,

If only we’d followed the teachings, and really paid attention,

Instead of lip profession, and spiritless rituals, to offer Him.

We see a wrong, change it, with our hands, mouth, heart,

Still faith in the end, the heart is the part that’s the weakest,

Staying there is where it’s hidden, in a place that’s dark,

Saying it out of your mouth is good, but the hands are best.

You say that you’re a Muslim, and-or you say a Believer,

Examples are what the Prophets did Adam to Muhammad,

Nothing like what your lives entail, reality is a disaster,

The Prophecy is worse, but your Jennah, just might be sad.



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