Muhammad, Raheem. “Oh, Say Can You See!?”: Secrets Kindle. Kindle Edition.

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“Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done…”

Guidance to the straight path,
This is of the true vine,
His food for the righteous.
His water to thirst no more,
The cultivation of the Most High,
As your shield and your armor.
Seeking all the sun’s light,
To grow straight, true and tall,
Sacrifice is the only key,
And try this time to submit.
Get back inside of yourselves,
So shall it be in the end.
The way it was at the start,
Still you have no inheritance.
They are the entire cornerstone,
The Law, His mercy and criterion,
You didn’t want the Householders’ truth.
Because you wanted your own way,
Beat, stoned’ and killed them.
Yet they killed so many prophets;
The chosen had their chance,
A similar vineyard, and so on and on…
The same in which to plant,
Yes, fruit with seeds in itself,
Intertwined with so many fruit.
Many vines in all directions,
With strength of a strong foundation.
But nourished, a vineyard will grow;
By itself, it will not sprout.
Alone it cannot take root,
So now comes the time of G-d;
The seed has now been planted.
Now read from the bottom up.↑



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