Muhammad, Raheem. “Oh, Say Can You See!?”: Secrets Kindle. Kindle Edition.

The sun, rising from the midst of funnel clouds,
And out of the darkness, from within—
Are you blind to all that makes it loud?
With eyes to see, but nowhere to begin?
Can you see the whispers, when there is no sound…
The thoughts coming down from above the stars?
Could the answer be in your heart, as it pounds?
Shouting in those ears, and having heard from afar?
The feelings of what was felt before you’d know,
How to feel, what to feel, from true emotions.
…while holding you and making your hot blood flow,
From the fast beat of your heart, yes sensations.
Have you seen, or even heard what you still feel?
Is it false, an imagination, or is it real?
Thinking love.…Look back and do remember.
Forget all else, break the pattern, render-
The change has changed, this is Deen,
You do, don’t know me, not at all, still a dream.
But the good, is what I am; it is my poetic art,
What you see with your Eyes, hear with your Ears,
And feel with your wonderful Heart.



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