Muhammad, Raheem. “Oh, Say Can You See!?”: Secrets Kindle. Kindle Edition.



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I pray that all of you who hate the idea of a certain race of people striving for their own independent economy, freedom, justice and equality, start understanding why! And at the price we really shouldn’t have to pay. All those who do seem to want us dead 😌. There are others who also hated us for that…

F-ck you, Amerikay, kay, kay… United Snakes.
In G-d you claim to trust, in you I aim to hate.
Up yours with a big-ass butcher’s knife,
And off with your head, you and your satanic wife.
You lie and steal, you hand out false wishes,
You cheat and kill, with the help of your bitches:
Your presidents the Clintons, the two burning Bushes,
Using house niggas to wash your dirty dishes.
Cancerous Colin and that bitch of the minute Rice,
Uncle Toms, Clarence Carters, Jessie for the right price.
Sounds personal? No, this here is prophecy,
You should study instead of going round so blindly.
Open your eyes and look at your own history,
How you claimed equality and for us to be free.
Look in the mirror and see, if you can see,
You, carrying her flag and her iniquities.
If so, don’t laugh and don’t look at me;
Just prepare for the eternal flaming sea.
F-ck you, Amerikay, kay, kay, and all your allies.
Barack Obama, you are now being tried.
The cabinet that you chose and are tied—
If you submit to her, you’ll wish you had died.
She is all in the Motherland killing its pride,
Its mosques and churches, her true reasons she hides.
While you say nothing, knowing her sinister side,
Just wait, I wait, and conscious, I know mine.


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