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John 16:20

Fire burns the dross from gold and makes pure refined gold. Centuries of pressure turn coal into diamonds. Out of darkness comes the light. Trials and afflictions are what truly define a man. And the pain in life causes one to think, discover, and create.

Muhammad, Raheem. Truth Is In The Art . Kindle Edition.

I died, “Unless a man is born again…”

Then I became a living being.

Before this I was with Allah, (but I did not know):

“Before I formed you in the womb, I knew you”

“Before you were born I sanctified you”

I came from Allah by way of my father’s loins,

I bear witness of my Creator because He is.

Whose genetic makeup is anything like mine?

In His breath I was created,

and there is none other like me.

My fingerprints have never been,

nor shall they ever be.

The hurt and pain that I feel,

The long suffering caused by my incarcerations,

The death of my mother and my father,

My experiences through the obstacles of life-

proceeding me by mine open enemy—

Together these things are who I am.

Out of nothing I was created:

A little bit of this, a little bit of that,

From the dust of the earth,

A nucleic acid molecule-

in the shape of a twisted double strand.

Double helix that is:

the major component of chromosomes

And carries genetic information-

which is found in all living things.

Reproduces itself, Is the means by which hereditary characteristics pass from one generation to the next. DNA



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