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The Real Black Voice

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Willie Lynch

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We all have our offerings that we present to The God,

Abel had his, but the one Cain had leads to Nimrod.

That’s the Santa Claus, Satanic fertilized easter egg,

The turkey all hallows eve, dusk to dawn of the dead.

Indigenous Indians killed after Christopher Columbus,

Then the West annihilated the rest from among us.

Japan, Korea, Vietnam, Spanish, Desert Shield/Storm,

American Revolution, Mexican & Indian wars all born.

1812, Civil with themselves, Terror, World Wars I&II,

Add it up and Behold a Pale Horse all the way thru.

Trail of the Octopuses period, by their tentacles reached,

Puppets for Presidents, placed there to be impeached.

See, deeds are the only physical that stays in the grave,

Dawn of the Dead? Just help me do this and be saved.



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