Tunnel visions kill, the Black Lives they don’t matter 

In the back, head, heart, reload, a bomb and slaughter 

My hands are up, don’t shoot, pow! pow! pow! Anyway 

America’s doom, will be racism, injustice and inequality. 

Willie Lynch got a gun and some house niggers too 

KKK in black skin who’ve sold out their own race 

Blood on their hands for making sure of a tight noose 

Prime example: Ben Carson, the Trumps spade of Ace. 

The biggest lie of all was the one born before me 

After they killed all the Indians, except, maybe three 

Put drugs in the neighborhoods to start their demonic plan 

Then set things up completely against the unarmed Blackman. 

Black Wall Street, Rosewood, examples of hate 

Emmet Till, Trayvon Martin, Walter Scott, holdup wait- 

16th street Baptists Church, the Charleston Church massacre 

Babylon’s mystery shows all of us the pride of America. 

Her biggest honor are the ones behind the badge 

But when the tides turn, it’s like, extra catastrophic 

Much more than those who continues to be killed, lynched 

Yet it’s so different compared to her motto, how ironic. 

But an ex-slave got the answer and know that they looked 

What’s crazy is that he turned it all around in his book 

If they could they’d hide it, and or sell it with a hook 

This is what they do, they are the taker, the f-ckin crook. 

It don’t even matter, see, it’s me against the world 

I fear none but God, my message, for boys and girls 

You read this, bear witness and still don’t support it 

Only in these United Snakes are Black people divided. 

The rest of the world is mad, a product of her fruit 

But here, Abrahams seed still don’t have a damn clue 

They’re killing each other, it’s all part of her plan 

Guns, diseases, ignorance, Blackman vs Blackman. 

Wickedly wise, sardonic, skillfully to divide and conquer 

What’s worse is gang-banging stupid mutha-f-ckers 

Hidden Colors 1, 2 and 3, violence trending worldwide 

They can’t even tell that they are also, America’s Pride.

Raheem Muhammad

If you’re scared then you need to leave now, This is no place for cowards. Some people were told to shut up and they did because they scared. Some people sold out and got paid, power, and or position.




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